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Jorge & Lorenzo plus guitarYesterday I attended a friend’s wedding in Fuengirola and at the reception we were treated to several guitar and song performances by two local artists: Lorenzo Ruíz and Jorge. I have had the pleasure of seeing Jorge sing and play guitar before with my friend and ex-workmate Enrique. It amazes me how he manages to play seemingly without any effort at all but then that’s due to his experience and natural talent. What surprised me is how humble he is and during his breaks from playing, he mixed with the rest of us dancing and chatting. The same can be said of Lorenzo, who I just met for the first time yesterday.

Guitar, Rumba & Music Box – What A Combo!

Lorenzo took the lead in singing and sat atop the music box, a very popular instrument here in Andalucía, whilst Jorge astounded us with his dexterity on the guitar. Below are two videos recorded live from the event, that will hopefully give you a taste of what we enjoyed. They were recorded with an iPhone 4 so the quality is not great (as a side point, I’m slowly being converted over to the Dark Side in favour of a Samsung Galaxy S4 if anyone has one that they want to give away)!


Tápame Lyrics:

(Chorus) Tápame con tus manos…que tengo frío…
Porque ya no me dices cariño mío
Y acurruca mi cuerpo entre tus brazos
Y déjame que crea… que estoy soñando. (Bis).

No quiero que se pierda nuestro cariño
Y si no te apetece no estés conmigo
Siento que el amor nuestro se está enfriando
Y a solas me pregunto, ¿Qué está pasando?


No sé por qué motivo me has olvidado
Ni quien en tu camino se te ha cruzado
Por que cuando te hablo estas ausente
Dime si me queda algo por ofrecerte.


La vida que me queda yo te la ofrezco
Por si salvar pudiera este amor nuestro
Pero no me traiciones con tus mentiras
Que el amor verdadero no se mendiga.


Pot Pourri of Spanish Rumbas

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