Yolanda & El Mosquito

(English Translation below) Aquí hay un post, en realidad de mi amiga Yolanda Rueda. Ha hecho un post en su página de Facebook que me parecía tan graciosa y única que quería compartirlo con mis seguidores también. Es su “carta” al mosquito que le estaba molestando.

Yoli & el mosquito

Carta al mosquito

Querido mosquito porculero:

Te agradezco que quieras acompañarme en esta CÁLIDA noche de verano, pero estoy cansada de levantarme con las piernas llenas de arañazos de tanto rascarme. No logro entender ese empeño de tu familia y tuyo por dejarme las piernas hechas un cuadro. ¿Qué pasa? ¿No hay más gente en Málaga? ¿Tenéis que picarme todos a mí?

Te agradecería eternamente que abandonases mi cuarto y me dejases dormir solita. Con el calor que tengo, el timbre de voz de los muchachos de los bancos de enfrente y el resonar de los ronquidos de mi padre me siento bastante acompañada, de verdad.

No es necesario que me susurres al oído. Preferiría que hablásemos mañana por la mañana que seguro que entre cliente y cliente tengo un hueco para ti.

Una que te recordará con amor cuando suene el despertador mañana por la mañana.


The other day my friend Yolanda Rueda made a post on Facebook about her annoying experience with a mosquito during the night. I found it so funny and clever that I wanted to share it with you all.

 Letter To The Mosquito

Dear pain-in-the-butt mosquito:

I appreciate you wanting to join me on this WARM summer night, but I’m tired of getting up with my legs full of scratches due to them itching so much and me having to scratch them. I do not understand this obsession that you & your family have for leaving my legs in a state. What’s up with you? Are there not any more people in Málaga? Do you all have bite just me?

I would be eternally grateful if you would leave my room and leave me to sleep alone. With me suffering from the heat, the sound of the lads’ voices sat outside on the benches and the echo of my father’s snoring, I feel quite well accompanied as it is thanks.

I do not need you whispering in my ear. I would prefer it if we could talk tomorrow morning as I’m sure that I could fit you in between my clients.

One who will fondly think of you when the alarm goes off tomorrow morning.

Yolanda’s Star Trek Uniform

When Star Trek Becomes Reality!

Imagine my surprise today at work when my work colleague Yolanda is there sat at her desk, mobile in hand, dressed in what I can only describe as a Star Trek: Next Generation officer’s uniform. Both Yolanda & Kelly have very modern dress sense but today, Yolanda shot to number one in my opinion. Sporting a gold and black two-tone dress, it resembles the command colours from the TV series “Star Trek: The Next Generation”.

After taking a photo (what Star Trek fan wouldn’t?) just so I could show my friends, I decided to put my limited Photoshop skills to use and show a ‘before & after’ picture. I’m quite pleased with the result but decide for yourselves.

Yolanda - Star TrekThanks again to Yolanda for her unending patience with me and my photography & Star Trek obsessions! As always, comments are welcome. The original photo is shown below so that you can compare the two. Just click on it to see full size.

Yolanda in Star Trek Dress

Yolanda In Summer

I have a good friend at work called Yolanda who is the latest addition to our small family team at Ideal Country Property. She is one of those fortunate people to be loved by the camera. I came across this photo the other day on her desktop and instantly fell in love with it. I’m already in awe of Yolanda’s amazing & luxurious hair but in this photo it is accentuated and the whole shot has a lovely summer feel to it. In fact, it’s like something you’d see on one of the old Sunsilk Shampoo UK adverts from the 80s. What do you think?

Spring & Yoli
Click photo to see full size.

The photo was taken by the artist MISA MEDINA.