Eternal Flame by Audiomachine

Not to be confused with the song by The Bangles back in the 80s. This is a piece by the company Audiomachine who do some great soundtracks. This piece is from the album “Epica” and comes in two versions: one with choir and the other without. Enjoy!

Disclaimer (for all you fans of DCMA): I have bought the licence from Audiomachine that allows me to use their music for personal, non-commercial use and on my own website and YouTube channel.

Mike Dawes Debut Album

If you’ve not heard of Mike Dawes then you’re either not really into guitar music, you don’t browse the Internet much (so how come you’re reading this?) or…. well those two reasons are bad enough! Anyway, the aforementioned talented musician sent me a copy of his debut CD and it arrived this morning, signed as well. This is a photo of my contained reaction:

Mike Dawes CD & Me
CLICK PHOTO FOR FULL SIZE (not advisable as I look even scarier close up!)

I’d heard most of his songs before via the Internet but I think it’s important to support emerging artists, especially when the price is reasonable and the artist has a good rapport with their fans (as in Mike’s case).

Mike is a fingerstyle guitarist from the UK and before you start wondering if it’s worth visiting his Website (lazy moos that you are) at MIKE DAWES OFFICIAL SITE, I have left you a video of him performing his own unique version of Gotye’s hit “Somebody That I Used To Know”, which is the one taht first captivated my attention. Enjoy!