Vulcan Chris Portrait

Just a quick Blog post to show you this latest work of art by my friend Steve McKenzie. Before you start wondering if it’s an abstract drawing or whether Steve’s been at the whisky again, he based his little sketch on a Photoshopped version of me, altered to look like a Vulcan from the universe of Star Trek. I’m quite pleased with the result. I may indeed use it on the back cover of my album…if and when I release one! Thanks Steevie!

Vulcan Chris by McKenzie

Steve is also a pretty flash photographer and you can see his work on INSTAGRAM.

Yolanda In Summer

I have a good friend at work called Yolanda who is the latest addition to our small family team at Ideal Country Property. She is one of those fortunate people to be loved by the camera. I came across this photo the other day on her desktop and instantly fell in love with it. I’m already in awe of Yolanda’s amazing & luxurious hair but in this photo it is accentuated and the whole shot has a lovely summer feel to it. In fact, it’s like something you’d see on one of the old Sunsilk Shampoo UK adverts from the 80s. What do you think?

Spring & Yoli
Click photo to see full size.

The photo was taken by the artist MISA MEDINA.