Spock and Spock – The Ultimate Challenge

spocks and audi

Two Spocks, an Audi and a Mercedes. You may think that there’s a type-o there but then you’d be wrong. The latest video from Audi for their S7 features not one but two Mr. Spocks from the famous Star Trek franchise. The following video in lovely High Definition presents us with Leonard Nimoy’s Spock (from the Original Series) and Zachary Quinto’s Spock from the new JJ Abrams films. Both actors (or Spocks, for those of you who often confuse fiction with reality) agree to a challenge in which the loser will buy the winner their lunch.

Which Spock Is Better?

That is likely to be an eternal debate, almost as heated as ‘Which is better: Star Wars or Star Trek?’! However, the video presents both actors interpreting the same role and in a light-hearted setting, thus providing not only a touch of humour but should keep fans happy, both of  the Original Show and the New Films. Enjoy and don’t forget to comment. Thanks.

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      1. Yes, well I’m glad you liked this video, I gave you the link remember?
        Also your reaction on the other site? It’s called humour Stoffer, and if you’re so concerned about security, I see no htpps:// on your site.Unsubscribing! However I’m sure you won’t be posting this.

        1. Yes, thanks for putting me in touch with the video. Always grateful. I will definitely post your comment. As I mentioned on that other site, you have to respect the other person’s point of view and just because the Admins all think it’s OK that doesn’t give them carte-blanche to do what they like and then criticise members who don’t agree with them.
          As for security here, I’m not collecting anybody’s personal details, files or anything like that but it’s worth keeping in mind so thanks for the heads-up Cariad! 🙂

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