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This guestbook is exactly what it says on the tin: a place for you to say HI, rant & rave, suggest things that I should write about or just to let me know that I’m not actually a “Billy-No-Mates”! Thanks for stopping by anyway and I look forward to your comments. (By the way, all guestbook Comments are moderated before they ‘go live’ so don’t be worried if you don’t see your message straight away.)

4 thoughts on “Guestbook”

  1. Hi Chris, nice website! We really have some things in common 😉 Not only our fondness for Star Wars, the Spanish language, etc.- but as I see, also some common points concerning our taste in music!
    Even our names sound similar…HAHAHA 😀

    Saludos desde Alemania!

    P.S.: Thanks a lot for your note in my guestbook!

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