Eternal Flame by Audiomachine

Not to be confused with the song by The Bangles back in the 80s. This is a piece by the company Audiomachine who do some great soundtracks. This piece is from the album “Epica” and comes in two versions: one with choir and the other without. Enjoy!

Disclaimer (for all you fans of DCMA): I have bought the licence from Audiomachine that allows me to use their music for personal, non-commercial use and on my own website and YouTube channel.

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I am a generally easy-going chap, originally from Nottingham (UK) but also a Spanish National. I'm stuck in the 70s/80s when it comes to music and am a great fan of science-fiction and I have a very bizarre sense of humour. I occasionally play the acoustic guitar. I speak English, Spanish & BSL (British Sign language). I'm the Admin Assistant & IT guy at Ideal Country Property!

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