Fawlty Towers

Series or films that we watched when we were younger always make us wonder where the actors are nowadays and what they look like, especially if they are no longer in the public eye. One of my favourite comedy series from the 70s is the BBC’s “Fawlty Towers”, based on a real hotel owner in Cornwall, UK. Here’s what the cast looked like in their prime and how they look today in a cast reunion.

Fawlty Towers Cast

Doctor Who Number 12 Revealed

Many people, especially newcomers to the BBC Doctor Who saga, just think that the series began in 2005 with Christopher Eccleston staring as The Doctor. However, Doctor Who goes way back to 1963 and is a sci-fi series about a Timelord who, instead of dying, regenerates a new body; cue new actor.

Doctor Who 12 - Peter Capaldi

There is a 50th Anniversary Special planned for the end of the year but this evening it was officially revealed by the BBC that the twelfth Doctor will be portrayed by the actor Peter Capaldi. According to the official Website, and I quote, “Steven Moffat, lead writer and executive producer says : “It’s an incendiary combination: one of the most talented actors of his generation is about to play the best part on television. Peter Capaldi is in the TARDIS!””

Still Wondering Who Is Doctor Who?

Then look no further than the Official BBC Doctor Who Site to fill you in on the past 50 years and an eternity of cult history. Enjoy!

Morph Flashback

Seeing a friend’s post on Facebook this morning reminded me of this wonderful character: Morph. One of Scotland’s famous exports to the States, Glenn Gibson, made his own model of Morph, which then suddenly brought back loads of childhood memories of watching BBC afternoon TV with my grand-parents.

Who Is Morph?

If you’re asking then then you’re more than likely under 35. Morph was a character made out of reddish plasticine and then animated using stop-film animation by the production company Aardman Animation, later famous for their “Wallace & Gromit” series. He appeared on the BBC children’s show “Take Hart” with the artist Tony Hart. He lived in an artist’s brush box and appeared for brief moments throughout the show, often interacting with Tony himself. The show first started in 1977 and later on other characters appeared, most notably his mischievous friend Chas (pictured below). They often changed themselves into different shapes or imitated other objects, hence the name Morph.

Morph & Chas

So who sent their photo into the show hoping to get it featured on “The Gallery”? In case you’re wondering, I did. Oh and the music that was played during the Gallery section was “Cavatina” by Stanley Myers.

Mike Dawes Debut Album

If you’ve not heard of Mike Dawes then you’re either not really into guitar music, you don’t browse the Internet much (so how come you’re reading this?) or…. well those two reasons are bad enough! Anyway, the aforementioned talented musician sent me a copy of his debut CD and it arrived this morning, signed as well. This is a photo of my contained reaction:

Mike Dawes CD & Me
CLICK PHOTO FOR FULL SIZE (not advisable as I look even scarier close up!)

I’d heard most of his songs before via the Internet but I think it’s important to support emerging artists, especially when the price is reasonable and the artist has a good rapport with their fans (as in Mike’s case).

Mike is a fingerstyle guitarist from the UK and before you start wondering if it’s worth visiting his Website (lazy moos that you are) at MIKE DAWES OFFICIAL SITE, I have left you a video of him performing his own unique version of Gotye’s hit “Somebody That I Used To Know”, which is the one taht first captivated my attention. Enjoy!