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It is no secret that I’m a big fan of The Muppets (the original ones from the 70s, from when Jim Henson was still alive and voicing Kermit) and have a special place in my heart for them, like most people of my generation that had access to a TV whilst growing up. One of the most iconic and most imitated characters is the Swedish Chef, whose cooking sessions more-often-than-not ended in disaster! We are so used to seeing him in his chef’s outfit that I thought you would be as pleasantly surprised as me to see him dressed by Versace, as featured in the September 2008 issue of the UK’s POP magazine (shown below).

Swedish Chef by VesaceIn my search for all things ‘Swedish Chef’ I came across a brilliant site that actually ‘translates’ anything and most sites into this Muppet’s language. CLICK HERE TO VISIT The Dialectizer Site.

As an example of what it does and of how easily I am amused, here’s how it translated the my WordPress biography: “I em a generelly iesy-gueeng chep, ooreeginelly frum Nutteenghem (UK) boot elsu a Spuneesh Neshunel. I’m stoock in zee 70s/80s vhee it cumes tu mooseec und em a greet fun ooff sceeence-a-feecshun und I hefe-a a fery beezerre-a sense-a ooff hoomuoor. Hurty flurty schnipp schnipp! I oocceseeunelly pley zee ecuoosteec gooeeter. Hurty flurty schnipp schnipp! I speek Ingleesh, Spuneesh & BSL (Breetish Seegn lungooege-a). I’m zee Edmeen Esseestunt & IT gooy et Ideel Cuoontry Pruperty. Bork bork bork!

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I am a generally easy-going chap, originally from Nottingham (UK) but also a Spanish National. I'm stuck in the 70s/80s when it comes to music and am a great fan of science-fiction and I have a very bizarre sense of humour. I occasionally play the acoustic guitar. I speak English, Spanish & BSL (British Sign language). I'm the Admin Assistant & IT guy at Ideal Country Property!

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