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They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that variety is the spice of life so I thought I would do a post about my breakfast experience this week! We do our big shop (once a month) in Mercadona for the general foodstuffs and then in Iceland for the unique-to-UK stuff. Did you know that you can’t get bath foam for love nor money in Spain?!

Bacon for Breakfast

During the visit to Iceland last weekend, I came across the twin pack of bacon that you see pictured above (hopefully). Now as my iPhone doesn’t take great photos in low light, coupled with the fact that I’ve not got a steady hand, you can’t see very clearly what it says on the red section under the ‘20% extra’ bit. Believe me, it says “For cooking instructions see back of pack“. That leads to my question: who the heck doesn’t know how to cook bacon? I’ve known how to cook it since I was about 8 and not even allowed near the frying pan: so it was always the grill at that age! Any thoughts? Would anybody really need to read the instructions? The bacon was OK lathered with the obligatory HP sauce but nothing to write home about.

Choccy Cornflakes for breakfast

My second purchase (made in Mercadona) was this packet of Kellogg’s Chocolate Cornflakes (only ‘the original & the best’ for me). I couldn’t quite picture the two together but in the interests of culinary investigation, I paid a small fortune for this 375g packet and to my surprise found that they are rather tasty. Not too sickly and not plastered in chocolate. My only suggestion for improvement is that they team up with Cadbury’s and use their Dairy Milk chocolate to cover the cornflakes with instead of the generic stuff they’re currently using.

That’s all folks. Toodle pip!

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  1. I love bacon, and I have always known how to cook it. It’s one of those things I don’t actually remember learning or anyone teaching me. Actually, I don’t remember anyone teaching me to cook anything. I just watched and learned. As for the chocolate cornflakes, sounds interesting… I’m more of an oatmeal girl myself.

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